Custom Publishing
The most well-respected name in custom publishing, H.O. Zimman, Inc. has established its reputation as the finest sports program publisher. But we are much more than that. Our client list and range of projects are unparalleled in the world of custom publishing. See for yourself. As a custom publisher, H.O. Zimman, Inc. produces exactly what our clients desire.

Who We Serve
As a company, and as a philosophy, we bring the same attitude, efficiency and practice to dozens of our new and long-standing partners. Some of our clients over the years include StarGames/Madison Square Garden with the Showdown program, the Democratic National Convention and Presidential Inauguration official programs, AYS with the Taste of Tennis Dining Guide, Paragon Group with the Boston Flower Show and their programs at multiple auto shows, Parker Company’s annual guide to Italian villa rentals, the USOC’s Olympian Magazine, Harvard University home game programs, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame with a variety of publications.

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